Repatriation Aeromedical and Ground Ambulances

repatriation ground ambulance

Whenever you find yourself injured or ill it can be very uncomfortable and worrying when language barriers are encountered. Firstly let me try to make some of those concerns less worrying. A lot of hospitals in Europe have interpreters to assist you.

Ask at the hospital or clinic you and book yourself in. If you are holidaying in Europe please apply for your (EHIC) Europe Health Insurance Card. The link will send you to the site for ordering one. This card allows medical treatment following an accident or illness. It is still worth having your own insurance to complement it in regard to air ambulance

Please take out insurances especially outside Europe. If you need to be flown back to the UK and it cant be a scheduled aircraft, the cost of hiring an air ambulance is very expensive running into the tens of thousands of pounds.

The main concern if you find yourself in this situation is what happens how do I get home? Your insurances should cover air ambulance if appropriate with full emergency medical team if the illness or injury is a major one. A registered nurse may also accompany you on your journey if less severe. The third option is you just need onward transportation to home or local hospital.


We receive requests from insurance companies to carry out the ground ambulance onward transport. This could be for full emergency medical team which if required will take you and the medical team to the required medical facility.

The same applies to the nurse escort. The third option will usually be carried out unaccompanied except with a relative on scheduled aircraft although not always.

On landing you will be conveyed by the most appropriate vehicle. Emergency Ambulance Patient transport vehicle with stretcher capacity and seats. Can take wheelchairs and finally ambulance car.

You can rest assured that your crew are fully trained to national standard which is equal to all UK Ambulance Services.

Our crews can meet you airside if required and incase of scheduled aircraft seating case usually at front terminal where our crew will greet you. 

Repatriation Aeromedical and Ground Ambulances

Pulseline Ambulance Services

If you are an insurance company or emergency medical team members I can assure you that your team will convey the patient if required and can travel under blue lights if required. All your equipment will be returned with you back to the receiving air ambulance so you can be assigned further cases. We can also convey patients all over Europe if requested but not any other countries.

If your onward travel to your next assignment is time critical we can transfer you back again under blue lights. If there is no need for emergency our crew will still wait with you until patient handover and convey you back to the aircraft at the airport where we met you.

All staff have DBS full disclosure and trained to UK National Standards. Including Blue Light Driving Qualifications again to Blue Light UK National standard.

Pulseline Ambulance Service are very well suited for your needs we are close to Midlands regional airports and extensive motorways for onward transfer of your clients. We have full airside insurance. All available on request.

If we can be of any further assistance please call so we may better facilitate your requests