Field Hospital

Where appropriate and for special event cover we can provide a large fully equipped and staffed field hospital. The field hospital can be utilised as an onsite first aid station. An intermediate care station or full field hospital. Full field hospital will usually be staffed by ATLS Advanced Trauma Life Support Doctors, Nurses, HCPC Paramedics, IHCD Technicians and First Aid Operatives. Depending on your event we will usually equip it with a mix of all types of staff as the station can be set up with different treatment sections.

A typical layout would be 3 sections.

Resuscitation Area backed up with a dedicated Ambulance for transfer to Emergency department when stabilised for transfer.

High Dependency Area where patients can receive treatments and close observation but may not need hospitalisation.

Minors Area where casualties can receive general first aid and respite from environmental concerns, e.g. sunstroke or over exposure to cold.

field hospital