event medical services

Event Medical Services

Pulseline Ambulance Services understands that as an event organiser you will require a professional dependable trained and experienced ambulance provider. Our events management team consists of experienced health care professionals and event planning managers who from your very first point of contact can offer advice as to the most appropriate level of cover required for your event.

Event Medical Services for all sized events

From small events to large public festivals and shows, Pulseline Ambulance Service are best suited to deliver you a complete package. Our package includes the planning of medical requirements and where appropriate a full medical operational plan. Pulseline Ambulance Service will always provide a post event medical report detailing the number and type of injuries and illnesses that required our teams care and attention. Post medical reports are extremely useful for event organisers and local authorities in considering if any additional or specific medical services are required.

This usually applies to repeat events of the exact or similar nature. Such additional services which may be considered include additional paramedic support, Doctors, nurses or ambulances and specialist equipment.


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Risk assessment and Event Medical Plan

Prior to your event, we will have completed a risk assessment appropriate for the nature of your event. In the initial planning, we will advise you what cover we think appropriate for the safety of your customers and visitors. We will also have liaised with local hospitals and Ambulance services within your event area. We will prior to your event provide them information about your event and its medical provision and a point of contact. We will where appropriate provide them with a copy of your event medical plan which is provided to you, and specific to your event. Your event medical plan is included in your package at no extra charge.  

 This service is appreciated and allows for the planning of extra staff if needed in hospital Emergency Departments. Having appropriate cover also alleviates extra demand for services that your event may impact on the local community. Our representatives will also attend all Safety Advisory Group meetings with the local council and emergency services in preparation for your event if the size of your event requires us to do so.  

However, as a minimum, we will always liaise with the local hospital and local ambulance service to provide them with our details and resources and provide a point of contact for them during your event period. PAS will provide you with the most appropriate staff for your event from our first aid responders the first vital link in the chain of survival to our Pre Hospital Advanced Trauma Life Support Doctors, our specialists.  If you are another private medical provider who requires or request the services of an experienced event co-ordinator/Bronze & Silver Commanders, we are able to supply these to you. We are also able to assist you in the completion of full medical operation plans for medium to large events. We can supply you with an experienced commander at your events if you so wish. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regardless of the size of your event. Please contact our event team manager for further information on this service.

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