Emergency Rapid Intervention Vehicle

Fully equipped for any emergency these vehicles can have a variety of uses. We find that these vehicles are best utilised by a solo paramedic or technician at your event. Extremely useful for where a medical presence is required but discretely so. Response cars are also very useful where medical needs are expected to be low at a conference for example.

These units can make it possible to afford professional medical care where you first thought you may have to cancel due to budgetary concerns.

When you contact us we will advise you of the level of cover we consider you require. If we feel that your event can be covered by a solo paramedic or technician we will advise you of this facility. We will not however provide solo crewed cars to cover events where it must have a more robust level of cover.

These vehicles are also deployed at large events as a first response and triage role ascertaining patient’s condition and need for transporting to the hospital. At large and major events these vehicles are used to deploy paramedics and or ATLS doctors speedily and safely to the patient’s side ensuring the best possible care is started immediately.

We will do our very best to give you the most cost-effective level of cover as long as it does not compromise patient care or go against legal levels of cover as proposed by health and safety guidelines.

Emergency Rapid Intervention Vehicle