Emergency Ambulance

A paramedic or technician crew operate these modern and fully equipped vehicles. These vehicles are suitable for most type of events. It’s important to remember that if the need arises to take a casualty to hospital your event will be without cover until its return to your event.

We encourage event organisers to consider adding at least one additional first aid operative. This means that you still have a fully trained person on scene who can provide care and treatment in medical emergencies.

This person is also in contact with the ambulance and can advise if an emergency return is warranted and if they have a patient in urgent need of care or advanced intervention by a paramedic or technician. The crew will then if required transfer that patient to the hospital.

If your event is large enough or has need of additional ambulances this will of cause increase the level of care and speed of aid to any casualty your event may present.

Emergency Ambulance
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